Things don’t change

Unless YOU change!

Growing up being told we’re not good enough or that our grades were an embarrassment or that we’d never amount to anything leaves us empty and depleted.

So why not settle for a relationship that reinforces that mentality?

Why not work in a job that makes you hate getting out of bed in the morning?

Why bother trying to lose weight?

You’ve been mentally programmed by the world to accept THEIR assessment of you who you are.

But that assessment is a lie.

You have the absolute power over your life to change everything in it.

A job where you are seen and appreciated for the work that you put into its success? DONE.
A body that makes you feel svelte and full of vitality? DONE.
A relationship that gives you as much joy as you’ve ever experienced? DONE.

As soon as you decide so.

The problem is that decision is just not an easy one.

Well, it wasn’t…until now.

Welcome to…
the True Self VIP Experience.

For twelve weeks, you and I will:

Meet for one hour, each week, via Zoom to address any and all issues you have struggled with in terms of living as your true self.

We’ll delve into how to change the parts of you that allow you to tolerate living less than your True Self.

And we’ll work through actions and decisions that facilitate walking out of that life and into the one you SHOULD be living.

You’ll also get daily email support to help you when your resolve is being tested at the office, at home, or wherever you experience the most resistance to the changes we are making together.

Plus, you’ll gain access to my Life Mastery Facebook group where you will receive support via weekly one hr Q&A sessions. And you’ll be able to stay with us for ongoing support long after our twelve weeks together is complete.

Making up your mind to live a life that feels ACE? THAT IS THE EASY BIT.

Carrying it out…alone…makes it so, so hard.

You fall back into patterns that do not support the new life you want. Because it feels scary. It feels daunting. It feels impossible.

So your ego gently pulls you back into what’s familiar. Because there’s SAFETY there.

But settling for safety means that you give up everything you want.

You’re not quite ready to give up trying just yet.

If you have:

  • Struggled with weight loss most of your adult life, but can’t stop ordering ale and fish & chips.
  • Fought to find someone who would just believe in you, then you could believe in yourself.
  • Given up trying to find a career that makes Monday morning feel good again because you’re convinced that such things don’t exist.
  • Tried to stop drinking 1,789 times just to give up because it’s too hard or you’ll have to give up your social life.
  • Quit smoking, only to gain 50+ kg, or go back to the sticks.
  • Done your best to see the light at the end of the tunnel but are convinced that the tunnel is just a pit and not, in fact, open at the other end.
Then, the True Self VIP Experience can help you.


IF you are ready, truly ready, to make these changes and more.

Make the shift to losing weight, almost effortlessly because you’ve found the keys to what makes YOU tick.

Find the love that you have longed for because you know and understand yourself, what you truly need, and how to have it.

Find the space within yourself that will help you find that career that really shifts things for you, not only financially, but emotionally.

When you live as your True Self, you begin to experience:

  • Feeling vibrant and living because you feed off the energy of your surroundings and now your surroundings feel GOOD.
  • Being energised by the things you have to do because you now look for the successes in your life and are seeing way more of them.
  • Lightness because you have dropped toxic people from your life who unconsciously sabotaged every effort you made to complete the changes you wanted to make.
  • Being awakened by the smallest details like the most beautiful scents of homemade foods, how deeply you are moved by the people you DO spend time with now, and more

There is so much more to life when you live it as your True Self. SO much. And I can help you

Stop feeling:

  • Stuck in your life because nothing ever changes.
    Depressed because you can’t make the changes you need to make.
  • Anxious because the people you are surrounded with repeatedly make you feel nervous and upset.
  • Fatigued because you don’t get enough sleep because you’re worried about tomorrow and the day after and the day after.
  • Sluggish because you can’t lose the weight you want so desperately to finally be rid of forever.

I’m Lorraine Costin.

I’ve been where you are. And it wasn’t pretty. I know what it feels like to have been through the wringer with relationships (two failed marriages), money, dependency and more.

But 10 years ago, I said, “NO.” I’d had enough. I didn’t want to carry the emotional baggage that everyone in my life, including myself, had put on me. So I began my journey of personal development to unpack said baggage.

And I didn’t stop.

Five years later, I became a Qualified Life Coach. And, most recently, have added the tremendous power of NLP to my skill set, an accomplishment I’m so very excited about because the seat of our power lies in the words we say to ourselves.

Now, I teach women to break the cycles that they are living in, in order to construct the lives that they’ve longed to live since they can remember.

Join me for the twelve-week True Self VIP Experience and learn to live who you were meant to be, not who they said you are.

When you sign up for the twelve-week True Self VIP Experience, you’ll get:

  • 1:1 Weekly sessions via Zoom, one hour each for a total of twelve hours of private coaching with a Qualified Life Coach and NLP Certified Trainer to become your True Self
  • Daily email support to help you handle any and all shifts and questions you’re struggling with because I want you to be completely suited for making this transition easily and effortlessly
  • Access to my exclusive Life Mastery Facebook group where you’ll also get daily support from myself and peers just like you who long to make permanent and lasting changes for the best.
I know you’ve tried everything.
But this is the LAST thing you’ll need to try because I’m committed to your success in living as your True Self.
Investment: £3500 Paid in Full or 3 Monthly Payments of £1200
for twelve weeks guidance to your best self ever.
Not sure if this is right fit for your needs? Click HERE to book no obligation call with Lorraine.