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My Journey of Self-Discovery


Born into a family where feelings and love where never openly expressed or discussed, only by the look in their face could I guess how my parents were feeling day to day. I always knew my parents loved me, but still to this day they have never told me.

My inner-self would be the only person to give me advice, albeit advice no young girl should ever hear.

Feeling locked inside my own anxious body, day to day my mind was being subconsciously programmed ;

Keep Quiet, Nobody loves you, Nobody cares how you feel, You don’t deserve to be happy. 

Marrying my first husband at 21, his profession had made me a WAG, although it brought some great times, never underestimate its challenges, front page of the papers, followed by the press, I was a deer in the very bright headlights of the British Media. My phone was being hacked. Pregnant with my 3rd Son going undercover and in hiding, what appeared to all on the outside as a wonderful life was morphing into my very own nightmare.

My life had been printed everywhere, my life felt out of control, anxiety was present in every part of my body.

My first marriage ended, a single Mum of 3 beautiful boys Charlie, Ben and Sam my journey continued but anxiety was very much in control, I loved as much as I could and they returned the feeling, as they still do today but something was missing, life was to much of a struggle.

Being teetotal for many years, alcohol was my chosen route to happiness, or so my mind had informed me, it wasn’t too long before I checked-in Rehab, only to last six hours, scared, lost and frightened people would find out.

I kept going, believing one day I would find happiness, I was never under the illusion life was easy, I guessed it was a whole lot easier than this.

It took time and I found love once again and married my second husband.  My fourth beautiful Son Jack was born, and life was back on track. Or so it would have seemed to the family that I was holding down, I focused on being the best Mum I could be and figured that was all life was about from now on, I was serving a purpose. 

Anxiety remained and the struggles were daily but it had become normality, I was managing them better.

2nd marriage over, drinking returned, I figured it was a short term fix the first time around, so how else to numb the pain then to return. For the first time in my life I felt the anxiety was undefeatable, it was going to win,  it was going to finally ruin my life once and for all.

I was repeating patterns in my life that no longer served me, my mind had been programmed over such a long time that I felt extremely vulnerable.

I knew there was nothing wrong with me; it’s what had happened to me over time that had become my reality , and was very relevant to the experiences, I knew the only way to get my life on track was to get control of my anxiety, to take charge of my life I had been granted and to make the most of every living minute I have left.

Years of worry had left me broken; I needed to change my habits and reset my mind.

There was so much love in my life, something I have never lacked, yet I didn’t’ love myself. 

I made a decision that it was now or never and my journey has brought me to where I am today:

Training as a Certified Life Coach, NLP-Mindset Coach my journey took  me on a beautiful path of self  discovery, self-love and self-acceptance.

The most beautiful thought to always remember;   at any time, you have the choice to change your life.

When we change our habits, reprogram our minds, we change our life forever. Where self – love is a complete acceptance of who and where we are right now.

There’s so much more to my story when I fill in the gaps, but I’ll leave that for my book.


when we change the way we think we change our life

The most influential person in your life is  you!

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