Ending your Addictions

It is absolutely possible to end your addictions. I know because I have had enormous success in freeing myself from my own Addictions.

An addiction is anything that moves you away from a bad feeling and towards a good feeling. Addictions are habits of action that are run by habits of thought. By changing the thought process, as well as the habit itself, long term success can almost always be achieved.

 I truly believe there is one major factor that’s causes addiction and that’s the feeling of not belonging or not feeling good enough. Feeling disconnected or rejected can lead to all sorts of issues. I believe that many modern-day ailments are a function of humans simply trying to fill the resulting emptiness or gap that they feel.

This was me for many years, I know how painful it is to feel so empty inside and the feeling that I’m just not good enough.

There are many reasons why people from all walks of life feel disconnected and rejected. In a lot of cases, these reasons start very early on in life, before we are even aware of our own consciousness.

Usually in the first six years or so of life, something tells you that you are not enough. This can be minor, such as a parent demanding perfection from you, or major, such as a parent abandoning or neglecting you. Either way, you internalize the belief and move on. Then, sometime during your life, your belief will be enhanced by society’s standards and expectations. Eventually, it will find a way to manifest, in the form of addiction, insecurity, depression or any other behavior you might be struggling with.

In a lot of cases, these issues turn into a kind of self-loathing, a resignation to the fact that we will never be who we want to be. Our conscious mind just assumes it is our own fault: that we are lazy, we aren’t good enough, we simply can’t change it, that this is how life will

always be. Meanwhile, our harder-to-reach subconscious mind is often still stewing in the deep root causes of rejection and disconnection, agnostic to what is going on up at the surface level.

I believe that the common denominator of almost everyone’s issues is that, somewhere along the way, they learned that they weren’t enough. Not good enough to be accepted, talented enough, loveable enough, perfect enough or successful enough.

The good news is that the belief that you are not enough is not a lifetime prison sentence. You can free yourself with the simplest, most affirming statement there is: “I am enough.”

When we start to believe We Are Enough, we can truly move mountains. Hypnotherapy truly changed my life, I no longer felt a prisoner in my own life, When we reprogram our thoughts, we change our life.

Lorraine x