Please tell me you love me

Growing up through my own life, never hearing the words I Love You as a child, I craved someone to love me. I didn’t know what it felt like to hear these words let alone feel them.

As a child I wanted everyone to like me, putting so much effort in being liked, I just needed friends, I needed to felt belong in a group, I needed to be excepted by everyone and I carried these habits and belief around with me for many years.

Marrying my first husband I felt I had found love, having my 3 Sons felt like I had more love than I had ever experienced, this is what It felt like to feel love and I was enjoying every moment, making sure everyone still liked me and that no one spoke bad of me I continued on.

My First marriage age 30, my world feel apart, how can you love someone so much but no longer want to be with them?

Spending time on my own I needed to find the next person to come in my life and love me, marrying my second husband I knew that this was it I had finally meet the man of my dreams, my fourth son was born and I felt so much love in my life I would finally live happily ever after.

Sorry Lorraine I think it’s time to go our separate ways, what do you mean I’ve tried so hard, I think we can make it work. No sorry it’s over.

How can we expect anyone else to love us if we can’t love ourselves?

That had been the story playing out in my life for so many years, when I began to look deep inside and work my mind-set and habits that had created my life, I began to realise after so many years, there was nothing wrong with me it was what had happened to me that had created my outcomes. The most exciting discovery is it doesn’t have to be like this.

Self-Love totally transformed my life, I stopped looking for it else were and began looking inside myself.

People in your life will love and support you but no one will do it like you. We have to become our own lover, our own best friend, our biggest cheerleader and that is where it all begins. WITH US





You will search for many years, you will look to others to love you, to believe in you, to help you, to guide you, but when things fall apart there will always be you.

Look deep inside your soul and realise, how beautiful, how smart, how loving, how intelligent and just how amazing you truly are.

You are enough, you matter and you are LOVED by you.

Lots of self-love and happiness

Lorraine x