Depression is Real

Its so hard to understand. We shut ourselves down, we find it hard to talk and we don’t seek help.

The easiest daily tasks can feel so tough, our thoughts and feelings become unbearable.

Why don’t people talk about it? we feel shame

It feels like we are the only ones suffering.

For me this was my life for many years, I was in a place in my life where to get out of bed was a struggle, facing the day ahead felt impossible and talking about it was unthinkable.

When we begin to understand how it happens we start to realise that what’s going on in our mind is creating our depression.

It’s not they we are a bad person, its what’s happened to us that has created our way of thinking.

We head to the doctors to ask for help, is there a tablet to make me feel better, the doctors are always happy to prescribe us medication. What we fail to realise is that this does help us short term, but never gets to the route of what’s really going on inside our minds.
We see depression as a sign of weakness, not a sign to work on our thoughts to make things start to feel better.

Many years on anti-depressants I began to look at my own life and not feel ashamed about who I was, and look at a way to start to make things feel better.

The real challenge with depression is that it makes you FEEL like you can’t or don’t want to do what you need to do to heal.
Depression is lying to us.
We can do things that feel hard.
No matter how depressed we feel when we wake up, you CAN push ourselves to get out of bed.
No matter how lethargic we’ve become, you CAN push ourselves to go for a walk, get to the gym.
No matter how much ice cream soothes our sadness, we CAN choose to eat healthier foods.
No matter how much we feel like giving up or there’s no point, we CAN choose to push forward.
And, no matter how alone we feel, that’s a lie, too.
You are not alone and help from a professional or a family member is one phone call away.
And you can push yourself to make it, despite how isolated you feel. Depression lies when it convinces you that you can’t.
We are capable.
We do have a choice.
It may feel like we don’t, but we always have a choice to push past the lies that depression tells us and take a step forward.

Here are my most powerful steps I took in my own journey and know if you only commit to work on these you will begin to win the mental game and depression will no longer feel its beating you.

1 – Change your thinking, change your life

That is the power of a positive mindset

This is not a one of event this is something you have to work on for the rest of your life

There are always going to be idiots in your life
There is always going to be set backs
There is always going to be things you fail at

But if you know how to check – in with your mind and redirect it to something positive your never be a failure

You will fail at a lot of things, but you’re never be a failure, because you are able to see everything you fail at as a small lesson or a small thing in your learning that positions you for the next thing you are going to do.

2 – Stop worrying what others think of us

We are all unique humans travelling our own journey, the only thing that matters is what we think about ourselves. Self- love is key to bringing happiness back in our lives. We spend so much time looking for others to make us feel loved, happy and good about ourselves, when it all starts with us. Happiness starts from within and when we start to reprogram our minds we can begin to feed and nourish it with strong, powerful, happy and loving thoughts.
Our minds believe everything we tell it, so we must feed it well.

3 – Slow down

Being busy you convince yourself you’re in control – Being busy you fill up your life with so much other shit, then you always have an excuse, you never have the time to do the things that are important to you, moving in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Busyness is a habit, busyness can become your biggest excuse, the great thing is when we become aware of it, we can begin to slow down allowing us to become present and take back control in the moment.

You need to focus on 15 minutes a day, where you can start making meaningful progress.

Slowing down can feel really scary but its exactly what you need to do.

Busyness means your driven by this FEAR of slowing down

Go for a 15-minute walk without your phone

Introduce 15 minutes of mediation

Have a cup of coffee, and read for 15 minutes, just something where you experience the sensation of slowing down.

Busyness will rob you and your ability to take control of your life, and at the root of all this is FEAR

When you slow down and begin to create priorities you begin to take control now your responsible for what’s happening in your life.

5 – Change your habits

I always had go to habits that where always a tale tell sign that something was wrong in Lorraine’s life

I would have a drink or I would spend money I didn’t have
it was almost like I would pretend my problems weren’t real
we do the exact same thing with food, that reaching for something you know isn’t good for you
becomes the pattern you repeat when you feel like shit, when you feel like you have no power
when you feel like things are out of your control
when you feel bad in yourself
you reward yourself with those things temporarily

so you might want to get honest with yourself, instead of moaning about what it is you want to do,
think of the ways you can make this happen
look at everyone else and what they’re doing you can do it, roll the clocks forward, what do you need to being doing right now to make that happen

what are those habits that you’re going to need a year from now, that you don’t have right now then roll yourself back to this moment?

So go forward a year investigate the patterns you need to change to get you there then back your arse up now and ask yourself are you willing to do this now, if you’re willing you need to break through all the excuses that are going to be there when your moving forward

Dont suffer in silence, you have a voice let it be heard

Happy Mind = Happy Life