Why do so many people fall into the trap of not living their true-self?

Why are so many people toxic and negative?

Why are so many people busy being busy V being focused and productive and building amazing life’s?

It all comes down to one-word HYPNOSIS

What society does it brainwashes us, it teaches us a series of beliefs?


Most people just exist and don’t bring on their own originality. they don’t trust their own instincts, and this all happens when we leave childhood, we learn to follow others, we talk like others, walk in single file, don’t colour outside the lines, then a mass of hypnotizing happens the rest of our lives.

You are suffering from the Mind Virus, that’s affecting your mindset, you’ve been hypnotized to listen to others and act like others

I’m super excited to share with you my biggest 5 breakthroughs in my own journey to greatness.

1) Making the leap from CAN to CAN’T

Your language reflects your beliefs. If you recite your excuses long enough you hypnotize yourself to believe they are true.

It’s time to reprogram your thinking

2) Busy being busy V Completed Focus

Victims are excellent at being busy, there busy checking into social media, checking what everyone’s had for breakfast, checking out bikini shots, we spend so much time checking in on everyone else s life and not checking in on their own

Victims are addicted to Entertainment, addicted to their devices

They escape greatness by playing with their phone all day

Shifting from being busy to lean productivity is one of the biggest leaps you can make in life.

3) Let go of the past

The past is a servant, it’s a place to learn from not a home to live in.

I’ve been at the top of mountains and I’ve also lived in the valley of darkness, and how I navigated it was when I realised PAIN COMES TO PURIFY

The biggest icons of the world suffered the most and their own suffering introduce them to their greatness.

4) Stop making excuses

Beneath very FEAR lives and EXCUSE

The world is full of such amazing people, we all have our own instinct and greatness in us but its been schooled out of us.

Start an EXCUSE DETOX, the more you start paying attention the more you become aware of your excuses?

The beginning of transformation lies in awareness

5) Become the writer in your own story

The victims take from the world – The hero gives to the world

The Hand that gives more gathers more

You can learn more from my 5 steps to greatness videos online via my website at


Stop waiting for it t happen – Go make it happen

Love and Big Belief

Lorraine x