The Key to creating real confidence – small daily acts of courage everyday

Have you ever noticed how the smallest things can feel so hard?
I used to feel this way: overwhelmed by the little things, stuck in analysis paralysis mode, and having a hard time making progress on what mattered most.
Confidence doesn’t just occur. It’s a skill, one that’s built through repeated acts of everyday courage.

When you continue to practice everyday courage, something really amazing happens. As your confidence increases, you will also find yourself no longer defaulting to fear.

Right now, think to yourself: what “small thing” is the hardest for you? How can you take courageous action–immediately, without hesitation, right now–to improve your life?

Small steps everyday in the direction of your DREAMS

30 Day Confidence Challenge

Day One – First thing this morning before you do anything, I just want you to grab yourself a coffee sit for 10 minutes focusing and gathering your thoughts for the day.
Day 1 – Call a friend, tell them how much their friendship means to you, schedule a dinner date in with them
Day 2 – Before you go to bed tonight, reflect on your day, write down three things you have been truly grateful for in your life today
Day 3 – Spend 10 minutes this morning focusing on your day ahead, write down 1 thing you would like to get done today, make it your main intention to go out and get it done.
Day 4 – Spend half and hour today listening to podcast or reading a book on personal development
Day 5 – Prepare a nice healthy lunch to take to work
Day 6 – Take a Hot bath, light a candle and listen to soft music while soaking in the bath
Day 7 – For the next 24hrs I don’t want to complain once about anyone or anything – This is tricky so be aware
Day 8 – Smiles are contagious – Smile at everyone today
Day 9 – Schedule some me time in your diary, this can be anything that makes you look and feel great about yourself
Day 10 – Kindness if free – be kind to everyone
Day 11 – Sign up or Enrol in a course or learning that you have been wanting to do, but have been putting of
Day 12 – Tell someone close to you 3 beautiful things you love and appreciate about them
Day 13 – Create a feel-good playlist on your phone filled with happy and uplifting songs, this will be your go too play list when you need a quick uplift
Day 14 – Attend a yoga or Pilates class today or follow a video on youtube that will bring calm and relaxation to your mind, body and spirit
Day 15 – Clean out or Tidy up an area or cupboard in your house that’s full of clutter and rubbish that you no longer need
Day 16 – Pop a little text message, email or call over to someone, telling them just how they mean to you
Day 17 – Give 3 people a hug today
Day 18 – Set a reminder on your phone to go off 3 times today, reminding yourself just how beautiful and amazing you are.
Day 19 – Write down 3 things that you know you need to get done today, to move you in the directions of your goals and dreams
Day 20 – Don’t check into social media for the first 5 hours of your day
Day 21 – Go treat yourself a medium size notepad
Day 22 – Get up an hour earlier today, grab yourself a drink and note pad, find somewhere quiet to sit, close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths, focus on your thoughts and write down 3 Goals you would love to achieve in the next 12 months
Day 23 – Introduce Visualization into your morning routine. begin visualizing how your life would look and feel once you have achieved your goals. Hold onto these thoughts’ and feelings
Day 24 – Take a long hot soak in a bath full of bubble, listen to your favourite inspirational podcast
Day 25 – Don’t look at your phone, emails or check into social media until you get to work
Day 26 – Get up 30 mins earlier, grab yourself a drink, sit quietly, gather your thoughts, begin to journal your day list one thing that important for you to get done today
Day 27 – Downloaded a Mediation app and add this to your morning routine it’s a beautiful way to start your day
Day 28 – Begin to recreate, rewrite and redesign your life exactly how you would like it to be
Day 29 – Do something today that will make you feel uncomfortable that you have been putting off, know that if you do it, it will move you closer to achieving your Goals and Dreams
Day 30 – Go back and choose all the things that you feel have been beneficial to you, that will set you up for your best day ever, every day.
It’s the small steps we take every day, that give us our biggest results
WOW well done on completing my 30-day challenge, I’m pretty much guessing you feel in a happier place in your life right now than when you began.
When we get serious about changing our lives and begin to take daily action, we create a life full of happiness, gratitude and love towards our self and others
Nothing changes until we commit to taking small steps everyday
When we change the way we think, we change our life
Drop me an email anytime, letting me know how its all going