There might be other things going on in yours or your employee’s life right now that is causing so much unhappiness, but when we go to work with a smile on our face trying to feel strong and focused we just seem to scrap through the day, but deep down inside life is falling apart and becoming a daily struggle

Running my own successful business for the last 13 years, I’ve always make my staffs happiness the number one priority, where they are made to feel so valued, cared and loved as they are such an important part of my business growth.

Without going into a Whole Business Coaching session now, I just want to share simple Tips when managing people in the work place that can begin to create a happier person in a happy workplace, where the results will be outstanding

Small Steps everyday – It’s so simple

Ask them if there is anything more you can do to support them
Always listen to what they have to say, focus on a solution after
Make them feel valued, let them know you care about them
Let them go early or come in late one day, as a little way of saying thank you
No matter how small the job make them feel fully appreciated
Let them know just how important they are. (if they’re not let them go)
Invest in their well-being
Employee of the month is a great incentive
Check-in with them regular to see how things are going

HAPPY EMPLOYEESS = Great results

The biggest human drive is we all want to feel loved, appreciate, valued, cared for and connected, so why should it be any different in the workplace, but very few company’s support this.

As long as you get your job done, that’s all most companies care about, not how we are feeling in our life right now, which has the biggest impact on the way we perform in the workplace.

Most companies don’t want to address this, as the people running the business are usually the most stressed, they are not in the right head space themselves let alone deal with others.

That why Business Coaching can be key to tackling stress in the workplace.

STRESS is the number one reason why people are taking so much time out of work

Don’t let your company be like the rest, don’t let your staffs well-being burn out before you do anything about it, by which time is usually too late and you lost another valuable member of staff.

So many people tell me they want to grow their business but very few are willing to invest in helping their employees

Business Coaching can be a great way to support you and your staff and at the same time support the growth of your business, creating even bigger and better results.

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